October 14, 2022

Hello! I have three short bits of news to share for today:

First, I’ve added a news section. Amazing!

Second, it is (hopefully) much easier to get a free book from me. I’m no longer using Prolific Works to share the free book for joining the mailing list. It seemed silly that people had to sign up for two mailing lists for one short book, so now the welcome e-mail provides a more direct download link. You can click here if you are interested in checking it out.

Third, I am no longer exclusively on Amazon! Yes, excellent news for all the Apples, Nookians(?), Kobos, and Smash-wordians out there. :P Mr. Bubbles and the cats are now roaming free across the internet. You can find links to these other booksellers via the Books page.

Fourth, you’ve made it this far, so here is a picture of my cats. Happy reading, all.

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