Mr Bubbles

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Mr. Bubbles and the Mystery of the Mayan Temple

Mr. Bubbles, a chimpanzee with a million dollar brain, joins forces with roguish explorer and biplane pilot, Norman Grady, on an adventure to Central America in search of the woman who created him. But the crazed scientist Doomsday Steve wants the secret formula for himself!

Will Mr. Bubbles and friends find the missing scientist before it is too late or will Doomsday Steve complete his nefarious plans of world domination? Find out in Mr. Bubbles and the Mystery of the Mayan Temple!

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Reviews for Mr. Bubbles  Let me provide the only assurance you need. This short book will return your aging butt to the long lost days of Saturday morning cartoons, eating Fruity Pebbles in the pajamas that doubled as your Halloween costume. Read More . . .

Leigh Holland’s Book Blog: Warning: If you’re looking for a mature, master work of literature, this book is not that. Mr. Bubbles and the Mystery of the Mayan Temple is an opportunity to let your hair down, lean back, throw back some pixie stix, and enjoy the laughs you’re about to experience. Take a break from being an adult and have a little fun.

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